Endorsements of Jeff Wolf by Students and Clients

Robert & Marilyn Henderson

Dear Jeff:
As you know, we purchased our first of three of your works at a charity event in Vail, CO, some 12 years ago.
The event was very special to our heart, it was a fundraiser for Cystic Fibrosis, our 24-yr old niece was diagnosed at 16 months with this horrible genetic disease.  She is now a college graduate, an elementary ed teacher, with emphasis on special ed.  She is indeed a special young woman, struggling to overcome the odds of her survival, and lead a normal life.

Jeff created a wonderful sculpture during the week-end event, called “Working Together” an ideal name for the efforts so many make to help eradicate CF, making the lives of 20,000+ young adults a reality, not an early demise.

We then engaged Jeff to do a sculpture for a special award given annually at our youngest son’s high school, The Tom Hilary Award.  We lost this son in 2003 in a tragic car accident, three months after his high school graduation.  

Jeff beautifully depicted a young football player with his imposing coach, standing side-by-side, the player and coach (who, himself died of leukemia in 2000) together in mind and spirit.  The sculpture is duplicated every year, and given at the annual Sports Banquet at the school.

Our third piece was also a commission, a hawk, again in memory of our son, his high school’s mascot.  Jeff  depicted beautifully what we have held in our hearts for many years.  

Jeff is a talented, and dedicated man, who feels what he sculpts.  He has been a joy to work with, and to know for all these years.  Our small, but ever so meaningful collection of his work, graces our home, and brings us joy every day.

Thank-you Jeff for your talent, your creations, and the heart you put into your work.

Most Sincerely,
Robert & Marilyn Henderson
Dallas, TX


Gary Morris

Jeff Wolf’s work is not only outstanding ,but some of the most memorable pieces I have ever seen. He personally raised thousands of dollars for TAPS at my charity events. The art is emotional and his skill exceptional. The people who have shared his work are blessed.
Gary Gwyn Morris (born December 7, 1948) is an American country music artist who charted a string of coundtrypolitan-styled hit songs throughout the 1980s.
Morris is known for the 1983 ballad  “The Wind Beneath My Wings”, although his credits include more than twenty-five other chart singles on the billboard country charts, including five No. 1 hits. He has also released nine studio albums, with his 1983 album Why Lady Why having earned a gold  certification from the RIAA.

Andy Nelson

“Jeff Wolf is the quintessential cowboy’s artist. His sculptures are living works, they’re flawlessly accurate, and most of all, they speak our language. His art provides an open door for folks to peek in on Western life, while at the same time allowing the seasoned hand to nod in agreement or chuckle his approval.”

Andy Nelson; Cowboy Poet, Humorist, and Co-Host of the syndicated radio show “Clear Out West”

Ernie Marsh

My friend Jeff Wolf is a gifted western artist, his bronze sculptures represent  a  true
depiction of the  West. To his credit he has not had to spend months doing research on authenticity for western subjects, he is Authentically Western. A lifelong cowboy who draws ideas for his subject matter from either his own life experience, things he’s seen, cowboys he’s worked with or those good ole stories told around the fire by old timers he has been lucky enough to know throughout his career.  The path to making your way as artist is not an easy one, I’ve known Jeff for many years and he has never shown any signs of doubt. Constantly refining his skills and knowledge over time made him a solid fixture in the world of western art in my opinion.
Ernie Marsh
Bit & Spur Maker
Traditional Cowboy Arts Association
Ernie Marsh is a well known Bit and Spur maker and has been in the business since 1990.
His work has been showcased throughout the country at western exhibitions, galleries and featured in many articles. Recently relocated to western Wyoming he operates Marsh Bros. Silver & Saddle Shop in the town of Etna. A founding member and President of the Traditional Cowboy Arts Association

Range Magazine
C.J. Hadley

The world is full of artists and would-be artists, but few, if any, can compare in my experience with Jeff Wolf. Not simply because he captures, with his deft sculptures, essential truths in his subjects that utterly escape others, and not just because his technical command of his medium is of such high quality that one’s eye immediately believes that what is portrayed is real, it is, rather, because
Jeff notices, sees, and understands what he sees as an artist as very, very few others do.

I have worked in publishing for more than 40 years, the last two decades on RANGE. I have also edited nine hardback books on the West, and met many writers, artists, photographers and sculptors—and published their work. I own many pieces of art, including bronzes, but the one I like best is “Buckaroo” by Jeff Wolf.  It’s a perfect piece.
C.J. Hadley, publisher/editor/writer/photographer

More Testimonials from Jeff Wolf Students and Clients

Testimonials from Jeff Wolf Students and Clients

Bill Overand

“Jeff, you continue to do such fabulous work. My brother loves the eagle that we bought for him. I wonder if the many admirers of your art know the great work you have done for Charity for the past 15 years. Specifically, raising over $100,000 for cystic fibrosis research with your art. You are an amazing cross between an extremely talented artist, a great human being and a cowboy. Pardner, that combination is hard to find. Best, Bill”

Travis Humphreys

“Jeff, your sculptures are top notch. As an artist who has a good eye for quality, your work is worth collecting. I hope people will take the time to appreciate your work and even better, the smarts to buy a piece or two! I keep thinking someone important will finally discover you and your voice will be heard as it should and your work will get the recognition it deserves.”

Tamaree Littlefield

“Your art is always so amazing! It seems to come form deep in your soul. And as a teacher your soul shines bright. You have a way of teaching us, your students, to see art from a different perspective. For me, you taught me to see art in a whole new way.
I will never look at any art piece, in the same way again. Thank you!!!!”

Fred Kampo

As Secretary/Treasurer of the National Amateur Retriever Club I can’t help but recommending your work to anyone who values quality art at a fair price.  The National Amateur Retriever Club purchases five bronzes from Jeff Wolf every Year and will continue to do so as they are so well received.  I also had Jeff do a bronze in 1988 of my National Champion PP’s Lucky’s Super Toby.  I would be most willing to talk with anyone interested in the ate work of Jeff Wolf.
Fred Kampo

Steve Johnson

“Jeff Wolf is one of the best contemporary cowboy sculptors around.  I have worked with Jeff in the industry as a fellow artist and also in business.
As a town councilman for Huntsville Utah in 2010 I put out a bid for a veterans memorial to be placed in out town cemetery.  Several artists competed for the job and by way of a committee decision Jeff won the commission.  The piece is a 5/8 life size bronze of a “Riderless Cavalry Horse”.  It turned out beautiful and is honored and cherished by all who visit the site.
I have heard many other sculptors around the country say he is the best.
Steve Johnson
Renowned Artist, Rancher, Public figure.