Dear Jeff,

After these many years watching your amazing work I want to let you know just how much I appreciate your artistry and phenomenal skills.
As a writer and director I frequently interact with artists of all kinds. I think the most impressive aspect of your work is your ability to create world class sculpture based on a theme or concept. Many artists only “do their own thing” and while everything you create has your masters touch,  I’ve observed that you are exceptional at capturing and transforming an external idea into unique and frankly, priceless art.

The signature of your work is clear, yet you adapt seamlessly in so many ways. I think that flexibility, while staying true to your art, makes you even more unique. In my opinion your distinctive approach to each one of a kind project, is simply exceptional. You listen, think, interpret, create by thoroughly embracing the project, immersing your artistic genius, as you create magnificent, thought and emotion provoking works of art.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you are a truly good man who is not wrapped up in self. You have a huge heart. Your generosity of time and the astonishing gifts of your custom art, one-of-a-kind sculptures you conceive and create for charity each year is both selfless and frankly rare from such a renowned artist.

As someone who has watched as you turn a lifeless ball of clay into exquisite and finely detailed art; art which actually evokes deep, involuntary, emotional responses, please feel free to use me as a referral.

Fred Ashman
CEO – Multi image Productions, Inc.

Mary Michael - Bronze MontanaI met Jeff years ago at one of his first classes in Montana . We were asked to bring a piece we were working on to show where we were at with our talent. I felt pretty proud of my little horse and when Jeff asked if he could show us something with it, I said “Sure”. With a tweak and a twist, explaining why that would be the whole time, he made that horse come alive! All of us gasped and I knew then, I wanted to learn from Jeff, all he could teach me.

Jeff is patient and makes you think of what you’re trying to bring out in your work. He doesn’t try to take over and make your piece his own, but guides you to bring out the fullest of what you create.

We always have fun in class and I left that first one with a new eye on how I did my sculpting. He has been a wonderful mentor along my art career, and I am lucky to call him a good friend.

Mary Michael – Bronze Montana Sculptures (http://www.bronzemontana.com)

Tobin Capp - Bear Tracks Bronze ArtistJeff’s sculpting classes have been the foundation of my art career. I have taken many classes, privately and at the university level, and yet have I found a teacher/coach more capable than Jeff Wolf. I have attended 11 of his courses over the past 12 years. That alone should be recommendation enough, but I shall elaborate. Jeff has a profound ability to teach the fundamentals of sculpting in a manner that is of value for the professional artist to the rank amateur.

I have seen remarkable advancements in my own abilities and that of others after only a few hours with Jeff. People are literally amazed by what they can achieve applying Jeff’s teaching to their work. These classes are the total package. Jeff quickly adjusts his teaching to the level of each individual and has time for everyone. The key is for you the student to be teachable, to work hard in between sessions with Jeff building on what he teaches. Do that and you are sure to succeed.

Tobin Capp – Bear Tracks Bronze (http://www.beartracksbronze.com)

I have been attending Jeff Wolf’s sculpting class for over a year now. I have enjoyed it very much. Jeff is incredibly personable and patient. He provides a good foundation, teaching the basic principles of art. Regardless of the student’s level, he is able to help them achieve their goals. He has helped me learn what I wanted and needed to know to create the art I have always dreamed of.

Susan Munson

“Jeff Wolf is one of the best contemporary cowboy sculptors around.  I have worked with Jeff in the industry as a fellow artist and also in business.
As a town councilman for Huntsville Utah in 2010 I put out a bid for a veterans memorial to be placed in out town cemetery.  Several artists competed for the job and by way of a committee decision Jeff won the commission.  The piece is a 5/8 life size bronze of a “Riderless Cavalry Horse”.  It turned out beautiful and is honored and cherished by all who visit the site.
I have heard many other sculptors around the country say he is the best.

Steve Johnson
Renowned Artist, Rancher, Public Figure

Dear Jeff:

As you know, we purchased our first of three of your works at a charity event in Vail, CO, some 12 years ago.

The event was very special to our heart, it was a fundraiser for Cystic Fibrosis, our 24-yr old niece was diagnosed at 16 months with this horrible genetic disease.  She is now a college graduate, an elementary ed teacher, with emphasis on special ed.  She is indeed a special young woman, struggling to overcome the odds of her survival, and lead a normal life.

Jeff created a wonderful sculpture during the week-end event, called “Working Together” an ideal name for the efforts so many make to help eradicate CF, making the lives of 20,000+ young adults a reality, not an early demise.

We then engaged Jeff to do a sculpture for a special award given annually at our youngest son’s high school, The Tom Hilary Award.  We lost this son in 2003 in a tragic car accident, three months after his high school graduation.  

Jeff beautifully depicted a young football player with his imposing coach, standing side-by-side, the player and coach (who, himself died of leukemia in 2000) together in mind and spirit.  The sculpture is duplicated every year, and given at the annual Sports Banquet at the school.

Our third piece was also a commission, a hawk, again in memory of our son, his high school’s mascot.  Jeff  depicted beautifully what we have held in our hearts for many years.  

Jeff is a talented, and dedicated man, who feels what he sculpts.  He has been a joy to work with, and to know for all these years.  Our small, but ever so meaningful collection of his work, graces our home, and brings us joy every day.

Robert & Marilyn Henderson

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