Testimonials from Jeff Wolf Students and Clients

Bill Overand

“Jeff, you continue to do such fabulous work. My brother loves the eagle that we bought for him. I wonder if the many admirers of your art know the great work you have done for Charity for the past 15 years. Specifically, raising over $100,000 for cystic fibrosis research with your art. You are an amazing cross between an extremely talented artist, a great human being and a cowboy. Pardner, that combination is hard to find. Best, Bill”

Travis Humphreys

“Jeff, your sculptures are top notch. As an artist who has a good eye for quality, your work is worth collecting. I hope people will take the time to appreciate your work and even better, the smarts to buy a piece or two! I keep thinking someone important will finally discover you and your voice will be heard as it should and your work will get the recognition it deserves.”

Tamaree Littlefield

“Your art is always so amazing! It seems to come form deep in your soul. And as a teacher your soul shines bright. You have a way of teaching us, your students, to see art from a different perspective. For me, you taught me to see art in a whole new way.
I will never look at any art piece, in the same way again. Thank you!!!!”

Fred Kampo

As Secretary/Treasurer of the National Amateur Retriever Club I can’t help but recommending your work to anyone who values quality art at a fair price.  The National Amateur Retriever Club purchases five bronzes from Jeff Wolf every Year and will continue to do so as they are so well received.  I also had Jeff do a bronze in 1988 of my National Champion PP’s Lucky’s Super Toby.  I would be most willing to talk with anyone interested in the ate work of Jeff Wolf.
Fred Kampo

Steve Johnson

“Jeff Wolf is one of the best contemporary cowboy sculptors around.  I have worked with Jeff in the industry as a fellow artist and also in business.
As a town councilman for Huntsville Utah in 2010 I put out a bid for a veterans memorial to be placed in out town cemetery.  Several artists competed for the job and by way of a committee decision Jeff won the commission.  The piece is a 5/8 life size bronze of a “Riderless Cavalry Horse”.  It turned out beautiful and is honored and cherished by all who visit the site.
I have heard many other sculptors around the country say he is the best.
Steve Johnson
Renowned Artist, Rancher, Public figure.