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Sculpture by Jeff Wolf - Before the Brand“Before the Brand” Bronze Mule Deer Sculpture by Jeff Wolf“Courtship” Bronze Indian Sculpture by Jeff Wolf “Edge of Winter”
“Cookin’ n Cleanin'” Sculpture by Jeff Wolf Studios - Cookin and Cleanin“Cookin’ n Cleanin'” Bronze Sculpture of Native American by Jeff Wolf “Frought with Destiny”
Jeff Wolf Bronze Sculpture - Song Dog“Song Dog” Jackrabbit sculpture in bronze by Jeff Wolf Studios“Mr. Jackrabbit” Native American Girl Bronze Sculpture by Jeff Wolf“Reunion”
Bronze Sculpture of Cattle by Jeff Wolf“Late Fall Laggers” Sculpture by Jeff Wolf“Visaila Rose” Elk Sculpture by Jeff Wolf“Scent of a Woman”
Mule Deer Bronze Sculpture by Jeff Wolf“Solitude” Bronze Sculpture of Deer by Jeff Wolf“Lessons Unrecognized”

“The Sale Queen”

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