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Jeff’s work has raised more than $950,000 in charitable contributions.

Jeff Wolf, world-renowned artist, demonstrates his inspiring talent by creating a sculpture live, right before your eyes. Watch as the touch of a master’s hands creates a stunning work of art in the same time it takes to hold your event……he can create a completed piece in as little as an hour or over the course of a few days.

Surprise your guests with a truly unique form of entertainment; leave them with an enriching experience that will last a lifetime. Because of Jeff’s remarkable skill and fine-tuned technique, each piece he sculpts turns into an amazing, timeless creation that tells a story and will become more valuable over the years.

From A Lump Of Clay To Fine Art

Live Sculpting by Jeff WolfJeff sets up his portable studio so your guests can get up close and personal – at the entrance to your event, next to the head table at dinner, in a lobby, even at a trade show booth. He then prepares the armature and begins placing the clay. As your event progresses, so does the sculpture. Your guests will get an intimate view of the creative process as they watch the sculpture come to life and listen to Jeff speak about his work.

While Jeff’s buckaroo roots give him the inspiration to create the most realistic bronzes of people and animals connected to the western lifestyle, he is not limited in what he can create. Allow Jeff to work with you to design a piece that will meet the needs or theme of your event. Whatever he creates is sure to be the hit of your event!

“Jeff is one of the most fascinating sculptors of our time. His compositions come from the soul and are full of rich detail, emotion and sensitivity.” – Dirk Cline – Editor, Experience Southern Utah Magazine

Jeff Wolf Sculpting at a Fundraising EventGreat Entertainment and A Money Maker

You could hire musicians or a comedian – but why just entertain, when you can inspire and enlighten your guests with a truly unique talent AND raise money for your cause as well. As you watch Jeff move and shape the clay, you will feel awestruck being in the presence of such talent. When you put the sculpture up for auction you will be delighted by the amount of the winning bid.

Jeff’s work has raised more than $950,000 so far in charitable contributions.  Typical prices for a Jeff Wolf bronze range from $600 to $45,000 and the value of these pieces continues to increase over time!  Auction prices for Jeff’s works have exceeded $30,000 each.

This one-of-a-kind entertainment will pay for itself out of the proceeds from the happy bidder who witnessed the creation of his or her very own sculpture.

“Jeff was the highlight of our entire event. People were so moved during the silent auction, they couldn’t wait to see the finished piece. But the real surprise was that the final bid paid for all our entertainment expenses and raised a significant amount of money for our charity. This exceeded all our expectations!” – Marilyn Sherman – UpFront Presentations

Event Planning Ideas

Jeff Wolf Sculpting at Celebrity Ski 2Charitable Cause Events – Fund Raisers – Foundations

• Put Jeff on stage in front of your audience during dinner where he can create a beautiful piece complete during the dinner hour.

• The piece he sculpts can be sold as a one of a kind or an edition during the live auction, dollars raised going to the charity. Selling more than one piece increases dollars to the charity and helps to offset hard costs.

• If it is an event that spans over a few days Jeff can sculpt during the silent auction, interact with guests daily on a more personal basis and the final piece can be auctioned off during the silent and or live auction.

Trade Shows, Conventions and Meetings

• Draw customers into your tradeshow booth by creating an unusual experience for them……watching Jeff create something live.

• Drive home key selling points in front of your team by tying Jeff’s live work to a motivational speaker on stage. The live interaction is powerful. 

Corporate/Private Parties and Events

• Entertain your guests at cocktail parties and utilize the final product as a top sales award or as gifts for VIPs.

Grand Openings (Retail Stores, Hospital Wings, New Corporate Offices, New Casinos)

• Jeff can create a special commission piece representative of event or structure. The ultimate goal would be to display this one of a kind work of art in the new facility. The piece could also be sold as editions to contributors of such projects.

 “You have to see it to believe it!  This man moved his fingers through the clay and life just seemed to spring out. The detail was absolutely breathtaking – so much so, I refused to be out bid.” – Solidad Brighton, D.D.S. – New Jeff Wolf Collector

Jeff Wolf Sculpting at Celebrity SkiPricing

Due to the unique nature of different fundraising events, each one is quoted individually to meet your specific needs.

Contact Jeff Wolf to discuss your event details.

Booking Details

• 50% deposit required at time of booking.

• The size, number of figures and/or complexity of the sculpture is determined by length of booking.

• The entertainment price includes the live creation of clay sculpture only. However, the bronze sculpture becomes the property of the hiring client or assignee.

• All rights to the creative design, name of the sculpture and subsequent casting editions will be retained by Jeff Wolf Studios unless the exclusive rights to the work are sold under a separate agreement.

• The bronze casting process takes 9-12 weeks after payment is received

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