Carlos Alberto Montefusco – Jeff Wolf Endorsement

Jeff Wolf-Buckaroo Sculptor

To be capable to transmit feelings, a sense of place or memories through a piece of art is a gift that only a few special people posses. This is the case of my good friend Jeff Wolf.

In his bronzes you can perceive the mighty power of the bison, deer interlock into a fight for life or a mountain lion with his claws clamped deep into an elk fighting for his survival. And you can feel that the noble metal, (bronze), irradiates life. This is not achieved by a lucky strike; it’s the result of years of hard work perfecting the modeling techniques and years studying human and animal anatomy. Furthermore, Jeff Wolf is a great teacher who enjoys helping other artists. Therefore every year aspiring sculptors attend his workshop in furtherance of their artistic skills.

His artwork highlights the years of experience and his commitment to interpret God’s creatures in bronze. It’s in the figure of a majestic bull moose or his rendering of a resilient mustang stud portrayed in the sculpture named “Intractable”, that an individual can feel the power of nature.

In his bronze “Serenade”, Wolf portraits a young Indian interpreting a romantic song.  He was capable to convey feelings, therefore this master piece posses outstanding anatomic characteristics and communicates the passion felt in the heart on the subject. In order to achieve such degree of energy the artist must know and love the source of his inspiration, like he does.

Jeff is an artist who enjoys the life of the buckaroo and he is passionate about the culture and heritage. His commitment adds value to his character and to his artwork. He shares his life with humans and creatures of the Rocky Mountains and the Northern plains, enjoying the smell of Juniper and an occasional sip of crystal clear water from a stream. In my opinion, Jeff “walks the talk” and lives a life that has transformed him into a genuine ambassador of the spirit of the west.

After I discovered the master pieces of Charles Russell and Frederick Remington I wanted to learn how to work with bronze and could not find a teacher in my native country, Argentina. However, thanks to the generosity of Ms. C.J. Handley I was fortunate to travel to Utah and attend a workshop with Jeff Wolf. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that my teacher was a well respected professional sculptor in the United States. Someone that I believe would continue to represent with dignity the legacy of the great masters of a bygone era. To me it is an honor and a pleasure to introduce to you whom I regard as my teacher and a dear friend, Mr. Jeff Wolf.

Carlos Alberto Montefusco, Painter