When One Becomes Legend


When One Becomes Legend

“When One Becomes Legend”

Inspired by a story related to me by a friend and fellow artist Don Weller. There was a short story in Don’s book “Pride in the Dust” that captured my imagination. The story was about the early days of competition cutting, it seems that this cowboy rode a great distance on a very old mare to ride in this particular competition. Upon arriving he was made mockery of for riding such an old horse so when it can time to compete he took the bridle off the old mare to prove a point. They would have won the competition if he not done so, but the very next day they competed under regulation and handily won the competition.
That story is still being told today as it has formed into a legend. There are many cutting horse of today that can just as easily repeat that performance of yesteryear.

Dimensions – 15″H x 28″L x 17″W

Edition of 10

Purchase Price – $3,900

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