The Wedding Ring

The Wedding Ring - Cowboy Sculpture by Jeff Wolf

The Wedding Ring

The art of mastering the lariat is essential to the working cowboy. Many cowboys become quite proficient with this art form, some even become legends such as the great Will Rogers. Hours of practical use is require in order for the cowhand to learn to roll his wrist just right for the type of loop that is required for the catch, or to control the speed and angle of his throw in-order to catch and contain his target. Many loops or shots as they are most often referred to as, have names for their particular use, just as tools or instruments have names for theirs and most cowboys try to perfect as many as they can.

The rope, reata, or lariat is primarily use by the working cowhand as a veterinarian tool to doctor sick cattle, aid a heifer in having her first calf, brand, vaccinate or pull a bull out of a bog on the open range. It may also and has become a vital life saving device in an emergency.  And the cowboy rope has entertain millions through the antics of the trick and fancy roper. “The Wedding Ring”  is a type of rope trick roping loop that derived from a loop that the Spanish devised in order to catch a running horse by the front legs.  This sculpture has captured the grace and fluid motion of a buckaroo embraced in a dance with his rope as he entertains his fellow crew members after a long day in the saddle.

Edition of 25

Dimensions – 24″H x 13″ in diameter

Purchase Price – $3,400

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