Rodeo – Bronze Rodeo Sculpture by Jeff Wolf


Our Champions - Bronze Rodeo Sculpture by Jeff Wolf

Our Champions - Bronze Rodeo Cowboy Sculpture by Jeff Wolf


A true masterpiece by Jeff Wolf;  “Rodeo” features the three roughstock events and has been designed as a heroic sized monument standing over thirteen feet tall and twenty four feet across.  This monumental masterpiece has been ingeniously designed in such a manner as to display each individual figure as it’s own entity while at the same time combining all three figures into one incredible work of art.

When the appropriate location has been determined, this Monument will serve as destination attraction that will draw visitors from across the country to the city, boosting the economy and enhancing the aesthetic quality of the community.  It is certain that everyone who views this one of kind masterpiece will be left in awe of it’s beauty, drama, movement and magnitude.

Pictured is the maquette and is available for purchase.


  • Dimensions: 21” H x 31” L x 21” W
  • Edition: 20
  • Price: $10,000.00

This sculpture is available on our Easy Payment Plan:

  • Initial Deposit: $3,700.00
  • 24 Monthly payment: $262.50

For Purchase Information, contact Russ Larsen at Taking Aim Marketing.

  • Phone – 801.210.0479
  • E-Mail –

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