Remnants of an Era

 Deer Bronze Sculpture by Jeff Wolf

Remnants of an Era

While I was managing a ranch in Colorado I was gathering yearlings late in the fall at the head of a large canyon. In the bottom of the canyon an extremely large mule deer buck jumped from his bed and ran a short distance up the side hill before he stopped and looked at me. He had stopped right in the center of what once was an old cabin. After he moved on, I decided to take a closer look at the remains. I found that it was an old homestead, there were a lot of old remnants scattered around an about the ruins. As I road around the old place I found nine gravestones with names and dates etched into them. It appeared that the whole family had passed within days of each other from the mother to the youngest child of three. The father was not there.

Things like that make me reflect on just how hard times must have been for those determined souls to start a new life in the wilderness.

Dimensions: 18″H x 14″L x 10″W

Edition of 25

Purchase Price: $3,600

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